Gingerbread Latte Shape

Gingerbread Latte Shape
Gingerbread Latte Shape

[Coffee Break] Proudly Presents:

Gingerbread Latte Shape
Like a Gingerbread Latte, this shape is spicy and full of flavor, but at the same time, cookie-like and sweet.
What some sprinkled nutmeg on it? ^o^

Her Height is 1.74 Meters / 5.70 Feet and looks perfect when combined with the Maitreya body and a sweet skin, like the ones from VCO, Rotten Toe, Amitomo, The Sugar
Garden, Enfer Sombre, Pink Fuel, Birdy or Mother Goose.

Check [Coffee Break]‘s MARKETPLACE and make sure to try the DEMO. The shape will be at PROMO 99L$ only this week! 


I’d love to hear (read) your thoughts about the teaser design and/or the shape itself, so please feel free to leave a comment 😉

Enjoy the coffee ♥


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