Matcha Latte Shape

Matcha Latte Shape
Matcha Latte Shape

[Coffee Break] Proudly Presents:

Matcha Latte Shape for [AK] BENTO


To be able to see this shape properly, you must own an Akeruka Mesh Head enabled for the new Second Life Bento Viewer.

This shape was made using the [AK] Lola Mesh Head Vers. 1.5.1 for BENTO.
It also has been tested with the AKERUKA heads Kioko, Camille, Elen, Aurora and Nami and will also look good with other mesh heads that are not modify.

Matcha is a young delicate tea leaf variety typically grown and processed in Japan and used in Japanese
tea ceremonies.
Like a Matcha Latte, this shape is leafy, slim, but with the balance of the creamy milk and the sugar.
Would you take it hot or cold? ^o^

Her Height is 1.94 Meters / 6.35 Feet and looks perfect when combined with the Maitreya body and
a sweet skin, like the ones from Mudskin, Deetalez, Izzie’s or Le Forme.

Check [Coffee Break]‘s MARKETPLACE and make sure to try the DEMO 


I’d love to hear (read) your thoughts about the teaser design and/or the shape itself, so please feel free to leave a comment 😉

Enjoy the coffee ♥


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