The Woods

The Woods

ADAM, the BENTO Mesh Head from Eve & Adam has been updated to V1.4.
And not only that! Ginger Chevalier, the designer behind Eve & Adam, just released the most awesome beard for ADAM you’ve ever seen.
You can use it with BENTO animations because it moves fluidly with your face and it comes in 6 different shapes, each one with 18 textures (I love the gradient dyes!) and tint option.

~♥~ Stylecard ~♥~

HEAD: Eve & Adam – ADAM Mesh Head V1.4 (BENTO) – NEW! Find it at Eve & Adam 

SKIN: Eve & Adam – ADAM SKIN V2 (Eyebrow/no-eyebrow – skin tones A / B – Body hair/no-hair) – FREE at Eve & Adam 

SHAPE: Coming soon at [Coffee Break]‘s MARKETPLACE 

EYES: MESANGE – Melancholy Eyes for (All the individual colours come with standard eyes, mesh eyes and Omega appliers. The packs come with all this plus Genesis Lab appliers) – NEW! Exclusive for Lost&Found 

BEARD: Eve & Adam – Beard for ADAM (BENTO) – NEW! at Eve & Adam 

BODY: Eve & Adam – ADAM Mesh Body (BENTO) – from Eve & Adam 

HAIR: Gaea (Comes with another lovely hair) – January VIP Group Gift – from TRUTH


COAT: High Collar Coat – Red – L’HOMME Magazine Group Gift by GABRIEL

CHART / KEYS: (click the images to enlarge)

Enjoy the coffee ♥


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